Why am I waking up during the night?

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Have you ever stirred in the middle of the night and wondered what’s woken you up? 

There may be a link between the time you stir and a specific area of your body. Did you know that your body’s organ system has its own powerful clock? 

The Chinese body clock, also called the Chinese organ clock, has been used for thousands of years. Chinese functional medicine can help us identify which organ is linked to certain health issues. In western medicine terms, this organ clock helps you know a good time to eat, exercise, rest and sleep.

While each person's 24 hours is different, most of us have something in common - We wake up in the night. 

Want to know why that may be, and what the connection between the two are? Let us explain everything in this blog. 


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Find yourself waking between 1-3am regularly?

This is one of the most common times people find themselves stirring from their slumber. ⁠But did you know the specific time of day you wake up can indicate an underlying wellness concern?⁠

1am – 3am is associated with the liver. During this period, your body goes through its natural purification process. So, your body should be asleep during this time. ⁠

If you wake during this period, your liver could be telling you something. ⁠

⁠Look at the role your liver plays. Try to analyze what could be putting toll on it. Are you eating/drinking correctly?

Your body may need support with its natural purification process. ⁠Consider looking at ways to help purify your body. You can try taking regular saunas, flush out impurities by drinking more water, or eat the right foods.

You can move more. You can consider helping your body open up its drainage pathways with dry body brushing, or rebounding. Gua sha, Qi moves and massage are other excellent ways to get impurities moving. ⁠The Chinese also use a variety of herbal medicines.

1am - 3am is also associated with anger, frustration, and rage. Take time to reflect and think about whether you’re carrying any anger or frustration.

Maybe you haven’t fully processed a frustrating time in your life and you're storing these emotions. Maybe you're experiencing some difficultly right now. Either way, it could be indicating suppressed anger that needs moving on. ⁠

You may also have too much energy. Try bringing more Yin energy into your life with activities like taking warm baths, practicing yoga, or meditating. Practicing activities that resonate with you can help restore your Yin/Yang balance.


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Do you wake up between 3am - 5am?

If you regularly find yourself waking between 3am - 5am for seemingly no reason at all, your lungs could be asking you for some attention. ⁠

Consider the role the lungs play in your life and look at what in your daily routine might be making their role harder. Maybe you have an overload of unnatural substances in your environment that you're breathing in. ⁠These may be cosmetics, personal hygiene products, or cleaning products.

Qi energy flows outwards from 3am, releasing impurities from the lungs in this process. So, if you find yourself waking between 3am - 5am coughing, your lungs are likely shedding anything unwanted. ⁠

If you wake between 3am - 5am, simply allow your lungs to go through their natural purification process. Support it by taking calm rhythmic breaths. Stay warm, calm and focus on your breath, allowing oxygen to flow into your body, expelling any impurities. 

Breathwork is a great exercise to incorporate into your life for your lungs and your wellbeing. Additionally, studies have shown PEMF sessions ⁠are beneficial for balanced wellbeing.

The lungs are also associated with feelings of grief and sadness. Constantly waking from your sleep during this period might indicate suppressed emotions or feelings.

You may not realize it, but you might have some feelings that you're not aware of.

Talking to someone about your past and current problems can be helpful. It can assist you in dealing with any sadness or grief you may be experiencing. This can help you move it out of your body. ⁠


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If you find yourself waking between 5am - 7am regularly…

This may not necessarily be signalling any wellness aspect needing attention. It could be that it's morning and it's an ideal time to wake up (your schedule depends).

This may be your body’s natural wake cycle, especially if your circadian rhythms are functioning optimally.

⁠That said, there are some tips to help optimize your wellbeing during this time and there may still be some action needed by you. ⁠

5am to 7am is the time of the gall bladder and large intestine. It's a perfect time to have a bowel movement and flush out any unwanted matter from the day before. If this is something you struggle with, look at ways to support your bowels such as drinking enough water and eating the right diet. ⁠

It's a good time to go about your personal hygiene such as taking a shower and brushing your teeth. Some consider combing your hair at this time helps clear out energy from the mind, ready to start the day fresh. ⁠It's also the time to eat your first meal of the day.

On an emotional level, 5am - 7am feelings of defensiveness or feelings of being stuck could be evoked. Take time to reflect if this is happening and analyze your life to understand what might be making you feel this way.

The next time you can't sleep at night, think about this Chinese clock and try some of the above techniques to help you sleep better


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