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Low Blue Light Bulb

Low Blue Light Bulb

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Beats eye strain
Relaxing Warm Glow
Low Blue Light

The perfect solution for a healthier and more soothing lighting experience during the daytime. Say goodbye to the harsh blue light emitted by traditional bulbs and welcome a warm, yellow glow into your space that promotes productivity and reduces eye strain. The Low Blue Light Bulb is flicker free and low EMF providing you with healthy lighting for any space.

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Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to increased productivity with this state of the art flicker free light bulb.

Enjoy the tranquillity of a warm, yellow light that's specifically designed to minimize blue light emission. Blue light, which is commonly emitted by electronic devices and traditional bulbs, has been linked to low productivity and eye strain. Our Low Blue Light Bulb offers a significantly reduced blue light output, creating a serene environment that promotes better work efficiency and helps alleviate eye discomfort.

Experience the difference with our flicker-free technology, ensuring a seamless illumination that won't strain your eyes or disrupt your focus. Whether you're working or studying our Low Blue Light Bulb provides a consistent, calming ambiance that sets the stage for maximum productivity.

Not only does our Low Blue Light Bulb create a visually pleasing environment, but it also supports your overall well-being.

Flicker Free Low Blue Lighting for all your daytime needs

The Science

Optimized daytime lighting devoid of harsh blue light spikes


Low Blue Light

Flicker Free

Low EMF Radiation

Warm Yellow Glow


Less eye strain

Less headaches and more relaxing

Peace of mind

Boosts mood and calms

Flicker Free

Devoid of irritating invisible and visible flicker

Electrically Safe

Achieved gold standard electrical safety. SAA approved

Circadian Friendly

No harmful spikes of blue light, keeping your body clock balanced

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: Harmful blue light spike removed and beneficial light from 480nm emitted

Colour temperature 2800 K
Colour rendering index >0.80
Brightness 600-700lm
Input voltage 85-265 volts
Power 7 Watts
Certifications SAA/C-tick/RMC/EMC/CE/ROHS

Our products are rigorously tested in lab and real-life situations to bring you only the best quality and functionality.

Our founders also personally road-test every product in their day-to-day life for at least six months before launch. That’s how committed we are to you and why our products are considered best in class.

In the improbable event of an issue with your product, we are here to help.

We have reverse engineered the common LED light bulb to minimize flicker by including a current alternator within the bulb.

We have also ensured our low blue light products contain less blue light than standard LED bulbs which make them perfect for the daytime.

We have ensured that our blue light blocking lighting only emits red light making them perfect for the evenings, before bed.

Smart bulbs change colour by using Bluetooth or WIFI which will increase levels of EMF you are exposed to in your home. Cheaper red light bulbs that are red or amber in colour also may emit some blue or green light which isn’t ideal before bedtime.

630nm, pure red light

Yes, the full spectrum light bulb is flicker free.

A full spectrum light bulb is a bulb that emits all colours of light in similar quantities. This is the same as sunlight. A true full spectrum light bulb will have different settings to mimic sunlight at different times of the day and night.

Smart bulbs emit high levels of EMF radiation as they are powered by Bluetooth or WIFI. Smart bulbs may also not emit full spectrum light, but rather just different coloured light. They may also flicker. Using a BON CHARGE Full Spectrum Light Bulb means you are getting a low EMF, zero flicker and circadian rhythm friendly lighting experience.

All of our bulbs are non-dimmable and are not suitable for use in dimmable light fixtures.

What Our Customers Say?

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Tricia L.
Warm and happy lighting

My lamp now glows with this yellow bulb. It emits a pleasant, soothing light that creates a warm cozy environ and evokes a kind of happy feeling. I change out the bulb as it gets close to bedtime with the red light bulb. Love both of these colors. Every once in a while I still use my old regular LED bulb just to see the difference. In the future I would like to try full spectrum lighting too. It's fascinating to experience the effects of light on the body and mind!


I love the yellow bulb. It improve quality of sleep


Unfortunately the bulb doesn't work in the lamp I bought it for. It does work in another lamp, so I tried it at my writing desk where I write nightly in my diary. So far I'm not used to the way it changes the color of everything, so I find it distracting.

D. D.

I love the low intensity light bulbs. They give a warm hew colour of the living room. So relaxing and destressing at the end of the day.
So helpful for a great night sleep.

Dorothy Henderson
Low Blue light.

Enjoying the yellow hue and great for reading.

Low Blue Light Bulb

401,95 Kč