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I can't believe it

We actually have a sauna in our apartment and when we move we will take it with us. Be sure to get the liner and a good meditation app to make 50 minutes fly by.

Infrared PEMF Wrap
Kandace Gonzalez
Great devices!

Have the sauna blanket, the PEMF mat and this one and love them all! Recommend them to all of my patients


I was hesitant on how would they look and feel and fit. They arrived quickly and as soon as I put them on they were great.
Perfect fit and they look great.
My vision is clear and I don't feel eyestrain in the sun.
I'm very satisfied.
Thank you!

Plug In Night Light
Jarah Jenkins
The perfect night light

We made this purchase for our 2 year old’s room. He rarely wakes, and we didn’t have a night light in there previously. But on a rare couple of occasions he woke and was looking for the door which he couldn’t find in complete darkness. Ive had this night light in mind long before he came but never made the purchase. But after seeing him lost in the dark I knew this is what we needed. It’s PERFECT!! After I put him down it helps me to sneak out without waking or disrupting him.

Harmonising Sticker
Aretta Martin
Will purchase again

Love this product. Bought a handful and gave them away to the people closest to me. All of whom were happy to receive such a gift and applied them willingly. Makes me feel at ease knowing that we all have a little protection from harmful EMF, especially my teenager.


I like these readers and appreciate their blue light blocking ability when I use my phone or iPad at night. They fit comfortably and are lightweight.
And they come in a nice case with a lens cleaner.

Excellent Nightlight

I really love how this nightlight isn’t a blare of white light when I get up at night like my old one.
This is calming and soothing to the eyes.

Easy to use

This little lightweight piece fits perfectly under my laptop. I don't even notice it. I have noticed the heat difference in heat exchange.

Relieves pain

I gave the Bon Charge bullet to my son as a birthday gift. He says it works well for muscle pain from over-exercise. I haven't gotten any Bon Charge products for myself yet, but I intend to soon.

Red Light Face Wand
Mark Pearce
Men can use this, too

What began as an anniversary present for my wife, quickly turned into me almost gifting this to myself. This is a great piece of kit. It vibrates, it heats up, and it's strangely relaxing. We've only been using this for about 3-4 weeks, but we've already noticed a difference in our skin. Mine looks brighter. My wife's noticing some of her lines are smoothing out. She uses it before she does her make-up. I use it in between washing my face and applying moisturiser. Today, she's taken it with her to work (I think she's taking back ownership). Early days, but this is a fantastic addition to our morning routine. Looking forward to seeing the results after a few months of use.

Amazing product

I have been amazed at how this product allows me to fall asleep fast. It is a good brightness level as well.

Very Nice

Game changer. When I put them on 2-3 hours before 10pm I notice I feel way sleepier. These have been very helpful in upping my sleep game.

Works Great!

I use it to read at night to not disturb my wife. Works great. Plenty of light to read and doesn’t bother or wake up my wife.

Love these

Fit well, work and sound great!

Love my blue light blocking glasses

I love my blue light blocking glasses. I usually put them on around 8 pm every night. It really helps me to fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply. Thank you for a great product. Now I just have to convince my husband. 😊

Great Light Bulbs

The 3 settings in one light bulb is an excellent idea. Really high quality light. And very low consumption, only 7 Watts. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Small but mighty massage gun

I love this massage gun; its compact size makes it incredibly user-friendly and manageable. Additionally, the variety of attachments it offers allows for comprehensive treatment across multiple areas of the body. Both my clients and I, as a holistic practitioner, are highly satisfied with the exceptional results it delivers.


Im loving my new face mask. Been using it every day for few weeks now and am noticing a difference in my skin as I had some rash patches and few spots of eczema which are almost gone now. Highly recommend this product. Convenient as well that I can move around while benefiting from the mask.

Using as tool to increase length of sleep

Easy to use, leave them by my bed as we tend to watch something before we sleep. Goal is getting over 7 hours average for 2024 so using as an extra tool to help that happen ( will mean l need extra 15mins day average but the numbers are going up!)

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Kortnie Capps
Sauna Blanket

I am LOVING my sauna blanket! I have already told like 4 people at my Crossfit gym to buy one plus a couple coworkers! The clean up is so easy. It heats up quickly. I like the weight of it and it was surprisingly large. I haven't had it a whole month yet, so I'm curious to see if just wiping it out each time is sufficient and it doesn't start to stink over time, but so far so good! It helps me break a good sweat without over heating, I usually just fall asleep in it. I immediately noticed relief in my elbows and knees after the first use. Those two things have bothered me the most from Crossfit. I have purchased like 4 other products from this company and I haven't been disappointed! I recommended them all the time!

The best in the market

I have tried numerous gadgets over the years for facial contouring, reducing wrinkles and firming the skin. Non have been as effective as this red light wand! I am a side sleeper, so in the morning I have puffiness, wrinkles one side of my face. This has all changed with the red light wand. I use it daily in the morning, after cleansing. It instantly firms and tones my skin, reduces wrinkles, leaves my skin radiant, amazingly soft and that is before applying my moisturiser! I did not have to wait to see the results over time. The results were instant from the first day of use! No more tell tale signs of side sleeping. The wand firms up the skin and balances it with the rest of the face. A game changer for me. Worth every penny.

Comfortable, very comfortable

I bought four beanies four my all family members. Everyone is so satisfied with the feeling of stress free.

Plug In Night Light


Well Worth It !

Compared to owning a personal or visiting a public sauna, it is "well worth it".

Really enjoy the sauna blanket

Started off with 140 degrees and have worked up to 160, works great